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Kidney Stones


Athletes can suffer from calcium kidney stones do to the increase use of different types of supplement use. The possibilities of dehydration do to stressed physical activities could also be a factor. Athletes that take sports drinks or power drinks should be concerned of what is in the particular drink they consume.


It should be stressed that nutritional considerations are very important in preventing the recurrence of kidney stones. Athletes should be vigilant in complying with a proper diet.


 Below are some considerations and recommendations for reducing the risk for calcium kidney stones:



·         Increased fluid intake (water)water


·         Increase potassium intake (reduces uric acid)

·         Decrease in sodium intake (sodium increases calcium in urine)

·         Reducing protein intake (meat protein is high in uric acid, and calcium)

·         Avoid dark sodas ( cola reduces citrate in urine, phosphoric acid)

·         Avoid coffee and teas (caffeine issues)

·         Avoid high caffeine items

·         Decrease daily stress

Lemon juice raises the citrate levels in urine this could possible protect against calcium kidney stones. Mix 0ne cup of lemon juice concentrate with 8-10 glasses of water per day. This has been a positive treatment for some patients that have suffered from repeat kidney stones.  Orange juice unfortunately raises oxalate levels, which is not recommended.  Cranberry and apple juice are also not recommended. Cranberry juice is known for preventing urinary tract infections. Grapefruit juice is known to increase the risk for forming stones.  Wine has been considered a protector against kidney stones. Binge drinking can increase uric acid and the risk for kidney stones.



how-to-avoid-kidney-stones-111What you eat and drink can be the key to decreasing the risk for kidney stones. There are other types of kidney stones besides calcium types. Best recommendations are to get advisement from your physician and to do self research to gain knowledge on this subject. The phrase “researching kidney stones” through a general web search will lead to some good information and some conflicting information.    





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